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Welcome to W. A. Grain & Pulse Solutions

"Harvesting a new path for a healthier world"

W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions was founded in April 2007 by Chris and Tracey Chivilo. It was started primarily to buy and sell export quality peas, both green and yellow varieties.

We now handle all cereals, pulses and oilseed types and varieties. We are a family oriented company that takes great pride in our working relationships with buyers and sellers alike.

Volumes have increased steadily every year we have been in business, leading to our company building a processing facility in Bowden Alberta and also to us buying Bashaw Processors in Bashaw Alberta. In May 2013, W.A. Grain bought their first Saskatchewan processing facility in Vanguard SK. We now have 3 locations, lease 2 others and have 3rd party shipping contracts with 10 additional facilities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

We source directly from the growers, process and/or clean ourselves and ship our products worldwide.

Profit 500 Winner

W. A. Grain has recently been ranked #4
as one of Canada's fastest growing companies!

You can find an article on W.A. Grain on page 40 of the Business Review Canada - http://www.businessreviewcanada.ca/magazines/14767


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